Who is the Church Security Answer Man?

Captain Joe Puckett

Joe Puckett is a 21 year veteran of law enforcement (former member), serving as an administrator, patrol deputy, investigator, hostage/crisis negotiator, dignitary reception and protection member as well as an event security coordinator during his career.

Since 1991, Captain Puckett has provided training for thousands of enforcement, investigative and security related personnel from many levels of the public and private sectors.     As the Executive Director of Code 4 Public Safety Education Association, Inc., he has both facilitated and instructed in many areas of live, video and Internet based training.

He is a two time national award of merit winner for his work and his instruction.    He has also served in church safety and on church security committees.

Intended Audience of the Church Security Answer Man Material.

The information contained on this site is meant to help church administrators and staff that might be struggling with how to handle the safety and security issues they face. Joe Puckett has a heart to serve each of you in a professional manner with the most current information available to you in an effort to help you maintain the balance between believing and being prepared for evil that might enter the worship environment.

Our Mission

The mission of the Church Security Answer Man is to provide professional content that is relative to current safety, security and survival issues affecting ministry leaders, volunteers and members across the United States and Canada.