Season 4, Episode 1: What Do We Do Now

We are kicking off the new season of the Church Security Answer Man podcast and because of multiple requests, we are adding a video blog.   So you can now listen to the audio on the go via iTunes or the audio link here on the site and now you can actually watch the simple video of our discussion also.   You will find both links below (Audio and Video).

So our discussion this week is focused on the notes we have been receiving, about some big concerns from security folks on what to do after the recent horrific shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

In this episode we talk about statistics and that because there are 350,000 churches in the United States, you are still unlikely to encounter an active shooter at your church.  However, we still have to be prepared for the incident, because if it does happen and you have no plans to deal with it, many people can be killed or injured.  We also discuss that the days are over of saying we are in a small church and that stuff won't happen here, because we have several small churches recently who have had active shooter situations.

We also talk in this episode about getting prepared for likely incidents, over just focusing on the active shooter.  We also mention that starting with a safety team might help our leaders get more comfortable later on when we talk about preparing for an active shooter situation.  So we are focused on small steps in this issue rather than panic, in this face of these terrible incidents.