Season 4, Episode 4 - Security Age Cap, ISIS Threats & Hiring Security

In this episode of the Church Security Answer Man we are talking about several important items.  First, we are talking about age caps for security.  The reason for this discussion is we have been receiving emails asking us about where to utilize our great older volunteers and we receive email from people asking about what they can do as an older person.   

So in this discussion we talk about using them in positions where they are not likely to have to confront a fight or shoot situation.  Watching the parking lots, watching the doorways and being there to follow people who are locking or unlocking for ministry events.

Next, we discuss ISIS threats to attack churches.  It seems that they are always talking about attacking American churches, so we are talking in this episode about the validity of those threats and what we should do.

Finally in this episode we talk about hiring someone to watch over our churches relative to violence.   We can hire security officers and in some regions you can even hire a police officer to stand outside or inside of your church.

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