Season 4, Episode 6 - Five Ways To Tighten Church Security

In this episode we are talking about 5 ways we can tighten up our church operations and our church security.   First, we are talking about being more controlled with the concept of "hours of operation".   The idea of tightening up when meetings and people are allowed in the church and then when it needs to be locked up. 

Next we start talking about the concept of communication with our members, via text or email.  Some churches are working on this for marketing purposes, but we are looking at this relative to event information, but also notifying people of problems and emergencies in the ministry environment.  Text is really the more popular mode of communication these days and there are programs out there for broadcasting texts.   We will explore those more in the future.

Keying your doors and buildings with a little more purpose is our next thought.  Trying to control how many keys we give out and then maybe looking at getting locking systems for limited doorways where a person could use a code instead of being assigned a key.  This could help us control access points and maybe even be able to put cameras on these special entrances to help us monitor them and monitor the security of our building.

Also just a quick mention of two of the biggest issues facing our ministry.......burglary to our churches, including theft of things like music equipment, sound systems, computers and other ceremonial objects.   We also remind you in this episode that parking lot theft is a big problem at churches across our nation, we should remind our members to lock their vehicles and not leave valuables in their vehicles.    And then we give you a few tips on keeping watch over your facilities including, get the neighbors, postal personnel and others working in the area to watch out for your church and report anything suspicious to you or police.