Season 4, Episode 5 - Background Checks And A Tip Line

This is a 2 part episode, in the first part we are talking about background checks.  Background screening is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your ministry from crimes such as fraudtheft and sexual misconduct.   

Background checks are not a replacement for having 2 people involved in the children's classrooms or 2 people involved in the monies that the church has been entrusted with.   

According to Barna Research churches are not doing a great job of consistency when it comes to screening volunteers and paid staff.   Only 38% of churches are actually doing a good job of being consistent with background checks.

Who should we be screening?  The recommendation is people who are in positions involving the children, the elderly, vulnerable populations and church funds.   We also talk about the basic costs and other considerations when doing background checks.