Season 4, Episode 8 - Embezzlement From Churches, Recent Incidents

In this episode we are talking about three recent embezzlement incidents from churches that have recently come to light in three different churches.

The first discussion includes information from an embezzlement case which has all the components that we are consistently talking about causing problems for churches.  In this incident this bookkeeper does the church financials at home, the credit card and bank statements are mailed to her home also.   She directly tells police that the reason she decided to steal money was because NO ONE ELSE EVER LOOKED AT THE CHURCH BOOKS !!!   

She stole from the church by charging credit card purchases that were personal to the church credit card and by writing herself checks and cashing checks.

Two more incidents are also discussed in this video blog one is another bookkeeper who is caught because she is also found to be stealing from a housing association account and one is a church school administrator who steals a large sum from the ministry's school.