The materials listed below are to further assist your ministry in being more safe and secure.  We do ask for your email address below to send the forms to you and to keep in touch and notify you of other items we are releasing in the future for your teams.   We never share your information with anyone, we are very respectful of you, your time and info.

Incident Report Form for Churches or Ministries (Free Form)

This 2 page form is designed to help ushers, ministry security members and leaders to assist them in more accurately documenting incidents that happen within their facilities and ministries.   It is meant to be a starting form, until you can consult with your legal advisor or insurance company to develop a better form based on their advice.

This form is designed to document items that might be necessary to share with law enforcement, church leaders or an insurance company.  It is designed for the incident to be documented, short notes about what happened and who was involved.   Then it would be expected to be filed in the church office or record keeping area for future reference.

This can be downloaded, printed and photocopied for use at the discretion of church staff, leaders, ushers and security members who are reporting or documenting an incident.

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