Church Service Interruption an Actual Case Study

In this episode we are looking at a video of an actual church service interruption, and Captain Joe Puckett will be discussing what a great job these ushers/security members did.    This is a great episode of ushers/security member to review for training.   These gentlemen in the video probably did such a great job, because of experience, practice and discussion of what they would do if someone interrupted a service at their ministry location.   Joe Puckett offers a couple of suggestions based on your church exits and what to do after a service interruption, his suggestion is if you have to put your hands on the person interrupting the service that you call the police and have them criminally charge if local law enforcement will do that.  Joe Puckett explains his reasoning and his opinions in this episode of Church Security TV.

Device for potentially recovering items stolen from your church

Thefts of valuables, music equipment and other items from churches is too common.  In this episode we are focusing one way that we can try to recover items that might be stolen from our ministries.   The TrackR device is a simple device that offers a inexpensive way to track stolen items.  This device has an app that is downloaded onto your phone and then it uses a global network of other users to "crowd locate" the trackr device and the items that it is attached to.      It is not a direct location device, but it means when someone else with the TrackR app on their phone passes by your item and device that you are looking for (such as stolen equipment), it sends you a signal where that item and TrackR device is located.  Check out our brief video discussion or go to the TrackR website for more information.   Make sure if you are trying to recover stolen items, you do that with assistance from police.    Be Safe !!

security shirt.jpg

Do we need uniforms in church security?

Uniforms can communicate different messages to those who see them being displayed or worn.   They also represent varying levels of deterrence depending on how they are displayed and how the person wearing them conducts themselves.  

We are exploring the differences today between various methods of uniform and identification.   The methods we are discussing today include the full uniform like a security guard or police officer wears, a bold security shirt or a minimal “life safety” polo type shirt.

We are also discussing the benefits of name tags as identifying team members, normal or plain clothes attire for ushers and security as well as some wise uses for a safety vest.  Listen to our show/podcast and get the notes page and pictures for this episode by joining our community here.