The materials listed below are to further assist your ministry in being more safe and secure.  We do ask for your email address below to send the forms to you and to keep in touch and notify you of other items we are releasing in the future for your teams.   We never share your information with anyone, we are very respectful of you, your time and info.

Training Completion Form for        Churches and Ministries (Free Form)

This is a form that you can download immediately, photocopy and begin to use immediately to document training topics, dates and who attended the training.   Put your ministry logo on it if you wish before using it.

Ministry Staff Training Completion Form.jpg

We recommend that after training and using this form, that you then file this form in your church/ministry office in case you need to show documentation that you have trained your personnel or staff and what areas you trained in.   It is also great for you to look back and see who has and who has not had the training, or how long it has been since the training topic was completed.

Simply use this sign up directly below the form here and enter your email address to join our security community and I will ship you the free form immediately to your email address.